Our secure, web-based HR Management System allows extensive automation of all your activities. With BASIC HRIS, you receive the benefits of integration, flexibility and expertise. The normal cost of this system is between $750 to $1500 monthly, however we give this benefit to our clients for free as an added value service for doing business with Davidow Financial & Insurance Services Inc.

Additional services which can be integrated with HR management system (at an additional fee)

 Compliance   |   Cobra / FMLA   |   Payroll


Simplify Benefit Participation

HR & Benefits Management

BASIC Human Resources Information System allows you to manage all aspects of employee HR and benefit information in one centralized location, thereby increasing efficiency and accuracy. Designed and implemented to integrate with BASIC’s other HR, benefit and payroll services, HRIS dramatically reduces your workload.

Online Enrollment

Through the real-time secure system employees can manage and enroll online for all their benefits annually or when first hired.

Employer & Employee Options

Automatic Notification & Alerts

System automatic notification makes it possible for you to efficiently track and manage tasks. The dashboard helps you standardize processes and track work flow across departments and individuals.

Advanced Reporting

All data within the system is accessible through our advanced reporting options. Advanced reporting provides configuration tools for exporting specific elements of information from the system on a scheduled basis, allowing for easy integration with other systems.

Employee Self Service

Allows employees to view plans from different benefit providers, and provides them with a total compensation benefits summary report that includes the coverage they selected and the associated costs.

Streamline Management

Performance Management

Performance Management is much more efficient by allowing you to automate the employee review process and eliminate the need for paper-based review forms.

Time Off Tracking

Time Off Tracking is a simple, yet powerful mechanism you can use to define how employees earn time off and track the usage of it.

Applicant Tracking

Applicant Tracking allows you to easily manage the talent acquisition process through one centralized location.

Wellness Tracking

Wellness Tracking allows you to easily and efficiently administer employee wellness programs.

Read more in our extended HRIS brochure (pdf). If you’re ready to start saving valuable time, resources and money, request a proposal or contact us today!


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