Anita A.
Mission Viejo, CA


I don’t know where to begin…. Silvia Marroquin at Davidow Financial came as an angel in our lives

When I got diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2008 I felt like I needed so much information regarding how to go about with health insurance and felt so overwhelmed….I had health coverage from work and at the time Silvia was our contact for insurance needs. I reluctantly called her and to my surprise she was so attentive to my needs and listened to all my concerns. She helped me every step of the way, never once ignored my call or delayed in responding I felt so at ease! She also gave me contacts for other agents in the company in case she was not available, they were also very courteous and knowledgeable!

I have never had any problems getting in touch with Silvia, she is so humble and is always available! I have approached her to help us get health coverage for my daughter, my nephew and few other people who needed to change their health insurance. No one has ever been disappointed!

She is very patient, explains everything in detail, extremely pleasant and courteous to talk to. After I quit my job, she helped me with the Cobra coverage and later to find a new plan. We have been very happy doing business with Davidow Financial for so many years and would highly recommend to anyone!

 Alicia A.
Beverly Hills, CA


The staff is friendly and knowledgeable.  I had the opportunity to work alongside with Regina Amador and her assistant Sophia Gonzalez on some insurance issues and they were both very helpful and professional. Matters were handled promptly. Thank you!

Dodd H.
Glendale, CA


We needed a hands-on insurance broker to take complete control in meeting the administrative healthcare needs of our 50 employees. Two years ago, Davidow Financial & Insurance Services stepped in and did exactly that for us!
The depth and breadth of Glenn’s and Silvia’s insurance knowledge allows them to patiently answer our complicated PPACA and other miscellaneous insurance questions in the most easy-to-understand ways.

We especially appreciate Silvia’s unwavering customer service and strong command of the English and Spanish languages - - something that is invaluable to our employees during Open Enrollments and during telephone and one-on-one employee interactions. Glenn and Silvia not only delivered on every promise they made to us during our broker selection interview process, but they are also a pleasure to work with!

 Claudia C.
Hollywood, FL


I've been working with the team at Davidow Financial since 2011. I switched to them from a long time agent who was great, but Davidow exceeded my expectations in every level. The service this agency provides is one that I've never received before with any other agency. They are professional, knowledgeable and thorough.  And they extend the same level of service to any of my employees when they call with an issue/question/concern. They are on top of all things. I consider them an extension of our company.

Bob M.
Los Angeles, CA


 I have known Glenn Davidow for over 25 years. I own an insurance brokerage firm since April 1984. Davidow Financial does ALL of my clients that need employee benefits. THEY ALL LOVE HIS FIRM AND HIS EMPLOYEES. Every one my clients when I do their annual life insurance and securities review always says to me how great Glenn's firm is. I CANNOT RATE ANYONE ANY HIGHER THAN THIS FIRM. I have been in bussines for over 44 years and Davidow Finanical is the best , even when he completes against the very large Employee Benefits firms from all over the United States. He is A REAL GEM. Don't do business with anyone else.  


 Trudy C.
Torrance, CA


Our firm has been fortunate to work with Glenn Davidow and our Account Manager, Regina for many years. We have our medical, dental, life and disability insurance with them. The way they take care of us, we thought we were their only client! They certainly always make us feel like a priority. We rarely ever have to ask for anything as they are diligent about taking care of our insurance needs and open enrollment responsibilities.  As a small full service accounting firm compliance is always our goal. Their excellent staff always responds promptly to any requests we have and we depend on their knowledge and expertise for our insurance needs. We appreciate that we are always presented with thoughtful and competitive options. Continuity is important, too. It is always nice to feel you know the people who support your business needs. Best of all is the luxury of the security we feel about this aspect of our business. We know we have the strong support we need and that is a great comfort.

 Stacie M.
Los Angeles, CA


 I started using Davidow Insurance at the end of 2014.  I am a research freak! I read reviews and even though it may be a 5 star review, I always have to find out for myself, so I decided to call.  The receptionist was kind, had great phone etiquette, and just all around helpful.  After explaining what my needs were she transferred me to the proper person.  That is when I had the absolute pleasure of working with Regina!! She is incredible!! Highly highly knowledgeable, extremely patient with the million and one questions that I had, and just all around a great person to have on your side when making big decision for your life's wellness!!  

If I could give this company 10 stars, I would!!!!!

 Griselda G. 
Los Angeles, CA


 We've been working with Davidow Financial for several years. We are very pleased with the service they provide. They always offer options with thorough explanations. They are very resourceful and extremely helpful. Davidow Financial is a company that we trust. Regina is very professional and knowledgeable. She is great and always calls back same day. We love her! I highly recommend Davidow Financial!

 Justin P.
Thousand Oaks, CA


 We've been working with Davidow Financial for quite some time and have always been impressed with their service. They are responsive and extremely knowledgeable; true experts in their field. Our requests or inquiries are always addressed quickly and their level of professionalism is second to none.

Charles B.
Los Angeles, CA


Davidow Financial has been a great help to our firm.  Not only have they continually shopped to find us the best health insurance policy for our employees that fits their specific needs, they have made dealing with the reporting demands of the ACA quite manageable.  They constantly keep us up to date on all the new regulations.  They really are extremely knowledgeable.  Our account manager, Regina, is always quite responsive, thorough and provides us with excellent service.

 Tatyana L.
Culver City, CA


Our company has been with Davidow Financial Ins. since 2011. I have had the pleasure of working with Regina Calderon, Benefits Account Manager, who services our firm's group health, dental, vision, and 401K. Regina and Glenn are always there to answer any questions I or any employee in the company have, they are quick and responsive, and every year they aggressively shop the marketplace to ensure we have the best plans at the best possible rates. They continuously keep us up to date on all the new changes in Health Care Reform and mandates, to ensure our company is in full compliance. 

 Prissi C.
Marina Del Rey, CA


I first met Glenn Davidow in 1994.  At the time he took care of the insurance for the company for which I worked.  I have been self-insured for about 15 years and I have only used Davidow Insurance to help me choose the best policies for myself. I am one of the people in this world who believes that insurance is what you have because you may need it one day.   Glenn guides me and always helps me think through my values, my needs and the finances of my choices. He is always patient with me.  One year when I needed to make a health insurance decision I was in a hospital room as my mother was dying.  I could hardly focus and yet I needed insurance within 24 hours.  I was sweating about running out of time.  I was able to make a choice over the phone easily because I knew that whatever Glenn recommended would be the right plan.  I love that he gives his opinion instead of just throwing a bunch of options at me.

in 2010, I began my business of patient advocacy.  I started calling Glenn and Regina regularly on behalf of my clients.  Often, I called when my clients were in crisis or when I was under the gun to write an appeal.  No matter how busy Regina was, she always got back to me the same day and went above and beyond to help me find a solution.  She is professional and thorough. Both Glenn and Regina are knowledgeable about the products they sell and committed to the people they insure.

Davidow Financial is one of the companies that you can trust.  When they tell you they will get something done, you can believe that they will.  They've got your back.

 Peter S.
Porter Ranch, CA


Our company has used Davidow Financial and Insurance Services for over 20 years. They have provided consistently excellent service. They handle our medical and dental benefits as well as our life and disability, vision and 401K plans. When we have shopped rates and benefits their recommendations have always been just as good or better.


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